Billing Policies



Use of any or all of BotDaddy Ai™ and related products and services constitutes your acceptance of and agreement to comply with BotDaddy Ai™ Billing and Refund Policy.


  • All accounts are set up on a prepaid basis. Payment must be received by BotDaddy Ai™ before any billable product or service is provided/activated. In the event of a trial period, payment information must be on file before your account is created. You are required to keep a valid credit/debit card on file to charge for recurring monthly subscription and overage fees. All recurring subscriptions are automatically invoiced and charged to the credit/debit card on file.
  • Subscription billing is based on the availability of products and services within the parameters defined by their packages. Certain fees may be usage-based (such as Per Minute Phone, SMS and BotDaddy Ai™ DataPaks, Twilio™, IBM™ or Amazon™ Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence services, storage, transcription, Text-To-Speech, Speech-To-Text, Digital Footprint Technology).
  • Payment receipts are provided electronically with each purchase, and may also be provided upon customer request.


Billing Cycle
  • Credit/Debit Card Billing: All credit/debit cards are automatically charged on the customer’s specific billing cycle date.
  • Payment failure: In the event a credit/debit card fails to charge successfully, access to the product will immediately cease.
  • Deactivation: BotDaddy Ai™ reserves the right to remove customer application data from its servers after nonpayment.


  • Collections Fee: In the event an account is submitted to a third-party collections service, a $30.00 processing fee may be assessed to the existing account balance. This fee is in addition to any other fees previously assessed on the account.
  • Chargebacks: If a customer initiates a chargeback, BotDaddy Ai™ may assess a $50.00 processing fee for each individual chargeback.
  • Interest: Any charges not paid when due are subject to interest at a rate equal to the lesser of: (i) one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month; or (ii) the maximum interest rate allowed by applicable law.
Payment Methods

BotDaddy Ai™ accepts payments from most major credit cards, and in some cases, PayPal and Bank Transfer.

Subscription Billing

Invoices are generated and payments are collected at the beginning of each billing period. Customer billing periods typically begin on the day of the month in which the customer purchased the BotDaddy Ai™ subscription. Customers must request to cancel their subscriptions at least 10 days prior to their next billing date in order to avoid being charged on the billing date. BotDaddy Ai™ will not prorate any portion of unused subscription services. All subscription fees are nonrefundable except as described below.

Overage Billing (BotDaddy Ai™)

BotDaddy Ai™ has established monthly usage allotments and additional usage fees for certain features of the BotDaddy Ai™ Software, based on factors including usage, demands, and third party charges.  Note that any BotDaddy Ai™ refund policies that exist DO NOT APPLY to usage fees.


These fees are indicated on the BotDaddy Ai™  ( website. The fees and limitations will be updated from time to time. Your continued use of BotDaddy Ai™ Software is your agreement to the current rates. BotDaddy Ai™ strives to keep the fees fair for all who require additional usage, and will be billed upon acceptance of any additional usage above those listed by BotDaddy Ai™.

If you go over your allocated amount for any of the listed BotDaddy Ai™ services, the overage fee will be added to your next monthly bill. Your account will continue working without any change provided overages are paid when due.

Package Upgrade/Downgrade (BotDaddy Ai™ )

BotDaddy Ai™ subscriptions are purchased on a monthly basis. If you wish to upgrade or downgrade your package, the new usage allotments will go into effect the following month.

Upgrades may be triggered by request, in the BotDaddy Ai™ Client area, and they will go into effect the following month. Downgrades require communication with BotDaddy Ai™ Client’s Area, to ensure assets are reduced below package requirements. They will also go into effect the following month.

Refund Policies

BotDaddy Ai™ refund policies vary depending on the product or service as follows:

  • BotDaddy Ai™ offers a full refund on a charge provided the request is made after the initial BotDaddy Ai™ “Initial Build”. A BotDaddy Ai™ Initial Build is established after payment is made to BotDaddy Ai™, and the initial build is provided to you for acceptance. You agree that Acceptance of the Initial Build is automatically confirmed within 72 hours of your receiving notification of your BotDaddy Ai™ Initial Build.
  • In the event of a multi-installment payment for a BotDaddy Ai™ subscription, a refund is only possible on the most recent payment (e.g. if a refund request is made within 30 days of the third payment of a three-payment package, the first and second payments will not be refunded).
  • For BotDaddy Ai™ monthly purchases, refunds are only given on the first month of a subscription, and only if the refund request is made within 3 days of acceptance of a BotDaddy Ai™ Initial Build notification. Refunds are not given on overage charges.
Cancellation Process

Creating a Cancellation request: A request to cancel a BotDaddy Ai™  service must be initiated at least 10 days prior to the next invoice date. Any request to cancel a BotDaddy Ai™ service must be made via the BotDaddy Ai™ Client’s area, or by emailing at least 10 days prior to the next invoice date.
Customers are encouraged to keep records of all communications regarding cancellation.

Simply canceling the credit/debit card associated with a BotDaddy Ai™ account does not cancel the account. BotDaddy Ai™ will continue to treat this as an open account and the billing cycle will continue, resulting in a past due account that may be turned over to a third party collection service. It is imperative that you communication with BotDaddy Ai™  if you wish to initiate cancellation of your BotDaddy Ai™ account.

Cancellation of an account does not dismiss outstanding invoices or nullify previously agreed charges. At the time of cancellation, any outstanding balance must be settled. All cancelled accounts with an outstanding balance may be turned over to a third-party collection service.

Billing Disputes

Each BotDaddy Ai™ customer agrees to provide BotDaddy Ai™ 30 days to attempt settlement of any billing dispute before disputing with any third-party credit/debit card company or bank.

Should BotDaddy Ai™ receive a chargeback from a third-party credit/debit card company or bank on the customer’s behalf before BotDaddy Ai™ has been given an opportunity to resolve the issue, BotDaddy Ai™ has the right to charge the customer for its time spent in resolving such disputes and any associated fees incurred by BotDaddy Ai™, in addition to the $50 chargeback fee mentioned above.

Regardless of the outcome of the chargeback, BotDaddy Ai™ retains the right to collect on any Services or fees that are due. BotDaddy Ai™ may submit any disputed amounts to a collection agency. Once a chargeback has been received, BotDaddy Ai™ has the right to suspend the account until the matter is resolved.