``A $20,000.00 Investment in Artificial Intelligence Development Returns $2,400,000.00!``

Eugene Feygin, SEO Manager, Sears Direct

It's Like Having a Team of Traffic Specialists, Sales Closers, and Customer Service Experts ... On-Demand!

For Less Than You’d Pay Marketing Professionals, Internet “Gurus”, or Additional Staff, You Can Get An Artificial Intelligence System That Performs Up To 80% + Of The Marketing, Advertising, And Customer Service Tasks Previously Performed By Humans.

Putting Artificial Intelligence to work for your business has never been easier or more affordable. Artificial Intelligence™ can perform up to 80% (or more) of your Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service tasks that are vital for the continued growth of your business.

Instead of selling you on the value of Artificial Intelligence and expecting you to go through a long and complex learning curve to make things work, Artificial Intelligence™ provides you with a totally turnkey artificial intelligence system that works INSTANTLY … to make you, and save you, more money!

And how easy is getting Artificial Intelligence™ to work for you?

  • Give Us A Few Details About Your Business, Product, Service, or Announcement. We’ll design a World-Class Artificial Intelligence system within 1 to 5 days. We’ll WOW you with the way it works, and you’ll see right away how this amazing technology can grow your business … substantially.

  • As your Artificial Intelligence™ works, it continues to get better and better through Machine Learning. It will be the BEST EMPLOYEE EVER! We’ll provides on-going updates as needed.


An Ai™ Smart Assistant Saves You More Money, Gets You More Leads, More Customers, and More Sales!

In Less Than 4/10ths Of A Second, Your Ai™ Smart Assistant Can Access The Best Audience Sources For You ... 24 Hour A Day!

Click On Our Technology Partners’ Logo To Learn More About Their Services. Your Ai™ Smart Assistant Can Custom Build The Exact Audience For Your Product, Service Or Announcement.

We Make It Extremely Easy ... Just Tell Us About What You Want To Sell Or Announce

We’ll Create An Ai™ System That Starts Getting You Jaw-Dropping Results!

  • Access To Over 50 Big Data Providers To Find Your Exact Audience. Artificial Intelligence™ Analyzes Over 45,000 Data Points, And Relies On Actual Behaviour And Audience Intent. We Then automatically bid for that Audience and redirect them to your offer ... all in Real-Time.
  • Google™ Call Only and Facebook™ Click-To-Call Ad Integration That Eliminates Traditional 3-Step Opt-in "Desktop Device" Lead Generation Techniques. Put An End To Forcing Mobile Users To Complete Forms Or Visit Hard-To-Read Websites. Artificial Intelligence™ 1-Click Process Make Mobile A Breeze.

Mobile Marketing Is The #1 Method Of Growing Your Business In Today's Landscape


Using Our Proprietary Legitimate Footprint Technology, We Provide Personalized Communications That Keeps Your Audience Engaged, And To A Successful Close! Digital Footprint Technology Can Be Applied To Cell and Landline Phones, Digital Web, SMS/MMS Telemarketing, or Email Campaigns.

IBM™ or Alexa™ Natural Language Processing

Artificial Intelligence™ speech technology is provided by IBM™. You have a choice of languages, to include English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. It also detects different dialects, such as U.S. and UK English and Castilian, Latin American, and North American Spanish.

Personalized, Contextual Conversations ... Even With NEW Callers

90% of the time, Artificial Intelligence™ knows who it’s speaking with, along with over 25 key identifiers about them … without asking a single question. Artificial Intelligence™ Digital Footprint Technology then initiates custom, personalized and relevant conversation … oh yeah – we outperform human telemarketers.

Artificial Intelligence™ Big Data Targeting Gets The Right Customer At The Right Time

The possibilities are nearly endless, because Artificial Intelligence™ uses Big Data profiles to find a Ready-To-Buy Audience for your product, service, or announcement, in Real-Time. If you want to grow your business, remove the bottlenecks that keep you limited Artificial Intelligence™ is the way to go!

Artificial Intelligence™ Makes Traditional Telemarketing and Cold Calling A Thing Of The Past!

When It’s Performed Correctly, Outbound Telemarketing Can Produce Spectacular Results. But … what Makes Artificial Intelligence™ So Different?

  • Truly Personalized Contextual Communication With Potential Customers. No More "Spray and Pray" Spamming Techniques!
  • Direct-To-Business, Direct-To-Consumer, and Direct-To-Voicemail Calls, Targeted To A Specific Users Who have Shown An Interest In What You Sell.
  • 100% "Do-Not-Call" Compliant. Federal SAN Organization ID: 10241988-53990. Quality Assured ... Ai™ Telemarketing Done RIGHT!
  • Artificial Intelligence™ speech technology is provided by IBM™. You have a choice of languages, to include English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. It also detects different dialects, such as U.S. and UK English and Castilian, Latin American, and North American Spanish.
  • Big Data Profiles That Match Your Audience To Your Offer. So If You Want To Target By Demographics, Behaviour, Interest, Buying Habits, Geo-Location ... You Name It ... Chance Are, We Can Do It!

9 out of 10 Consumers Demand Relevance and a Personalized Buying Experience .... and If You Won't Provide It, 73% Will Go Straight To Your Competitors To Get It.

Artificial Intelligence™ Technology Gives You The Future … TODAY! Just Look At These Stats…

So …. What Are YOU Waiting For?

Artificial Intelligence™ SMS Marketing System Takes Advantage Of The Most Responsive Audience EVER!

Let’s Face It … Most People Won’t Buy From You The First Time They Learn About Your Product Or Service.

That’s Why We Offer Traditional Web Retargeting, and Our Amazing SMS Retargeting System.

We Provide Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Compliance, and a Host Of Features To Build A Large Following Using A Technology That Outperforms Traditional Email Marketing.

What Users Of Artificial Intelligence™ Have To Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Artificial Intelligence™ A Good Fit For My Businesses

In a majority of instance, ABSOLUTELY! The list below gives you an idea of the diversity of Artificial Intelligence™, and if you have a Product, Service, Professional Practice, Profit or Non-Profit Business or Association, Artificial Intelligence™ can reduce or eliminate costs, while increasing awareness and profits:

• Real Estate
• Legal Services
• Collections
• Lead Generation
• Continuing Education
• Financial Services
• Entertainment
• Emergency Services
• Restaurants – Eat In – Take Out
• Food – Hospitality – Lodging
• Healthcare Services
• Profit and Nonprofit Organizations
• Small Businesses That Need More Sales
• Recruiting Services
• Political campaigns
• Insurance – Life-Health-Auto
• Radio stations (ratings week, contests)
• Health club, sports club, fitness membership
• Accountants-Bookkeeping Services
• Home Improvement Services
• CPA – Affiliate Offers
• Dating services
• Lawn Care – Landscaping
• Skin clinic
• Maid service
• Baby sitting
• Children’s’ funds (university), education fund
• Newspaper subscription and retention
• Auto tuneup, Auto care, winterizing
• Carpet cleaning, home services
• Credit card signup offers
• Vacations – Cruises
• Auto sales – New, Used Car and Truck Sales
• Merchant Cash Advance
• In-Home Services
• Continuing education
• Special events
• Marketing Firms
• Tax preparation
• RRSP contributions
• Consumer Loans
• Junk removal services
• Direct marketing service companies
• Trade show companies
• Auto emergency (AAA, etc)
• Delivery services
• Mortgage services
• Home alarm systems
• Auto rental
• Web marketing awareness
• Company Awareness – Branding
• Event notices
• Financial planning

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Some campaigns will show measurable results the same day we activate your system. Some campaigns may take longer to allow for improvements through A/B testing, machine learning algorithm adjustments, etc.

Can I Get All Three Services?

Absolutely. Just talk with us for bundles pricing and discounts.

I Have A One-Time Promotion... do I need a Subscription?

No. If you have a one-time promotion, there is no need for a monthly subscription. Just contact us and we’ll help you.

Are There Any Contracts To Sign?

Not at all. You can cancel your subscription at any time without penalty.

Tell Me About Pricing...

There is a monthly subscription, based on the service you select, i.e. Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing, or Customer Service System.

Other Than The Monthly Subscription, Are There Other Costs Involved?

Each Artificial Intelligence™ monthly subscription comes with Big Data and Telecommunications volumes. As your business grows and you need more Data, Phone, SMS, etc., you can purchase additional volumes as needed. The costs range from .03 to .10 per minute.

What If My Business Model Changes?

That’s the beauty of Artificial Intelligence™. We can adjust, adapt and deploy with very little downtime to your business. Change is GOOD 🙂

What Payment Gateway Do You Use?

We provide payment processing through Stripe™. If you require an alternate payment method, just contact us.


100% Turnkey

100% Turnkey

All You’ll Need To Do Is Give Us Feedback As Needed. We’ll Handle The Rest … EASY HUH!

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System Optimization


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